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I lost 17 pounds and 7 inches in just 28 days.

Dawn V.
Green Bay, WI

I lost 15 pounds and dropped 31.75 inches in just 26 days.

Melissa C.
Green Bay, WI

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  1. Our Fitness Renegades Rookies Program ($179.00 Value)

    • You'll be introduced to Renegade Nutrition. It's important that you properly fuel your body to Guarantee the best results from our program. Many of our most fit athletes even learn a few new tips and tricks as a part of the Renegade Nutrition program.
    • You'll soon discover what you thought was healthy for you might not be. We'll help you cut through the crap and get you on the fast track to improving your overall health.
    • We want to find your baseline. Our entire program is measured for results. Some Renegades join us initially to lose some unwanted weight. Other Renegades join us to improve their strength, endurance or agility. So whether you're looking to improve your strength or you're looking to lose inches and pounds we want to make sure we have your starting point documented.Trust us...In just a few weeks you're going to thank us for having this info. You'll see big gains in just a couple of weeks.
    • You're going to be introduced to weightlifting, pull ups, push ups, rope climbing and much more. We want to make sure that you have the proper technique mastered for all of our Mission Workouts.
    • You also receive 12 Renegade Missions. You'll attend 3 times a week for a month. This will ensure that you know the ins and outs of the entire Fitness Renegades program and that you'll be ready for our Renegades Program.
  2. One Month Of Unlimited Fitness Renegades Missions ($177.00 Value)

    • You'll be welcomed to attend as many of our daily missions (AKA: Workouts) after you graduate from our Renegade Rookies program.You'll receive an all access pass so you can attend as often as you'd like to for the second 30 days of your transformation. Many of our members enjoy the program so much they become nearly addicted to our daily workouts.
  3. Renegade Nutrition 101 ($78 Value)

    • In our Renegade Nutrition program you'll be introduced to our way of living. You won't be met with a "Diet" that restricts your calories like a bird. You'll be introduced to a lifestyle where you can eat until you are FULL! Yep you heard until your FULL!
    • We'll share with you exactly how to clean out your system and rid yourself of the many foods that are causing you to have energy crashes, causing you to slowly gain weight and keep it on, causing you to feel sluggish and tired. In this special 2 class session you'll learn exactly how to fuel your body for success. This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle that you can actually live and enjoy.You can stop counting points, stop drinking shakes, stop taking pills and eat REAL FOOD!
  4. Personal Trainer Session ($99 Value)

    • We want to get you started on the right foot so you'll spend an hour with our strength and conditioning team customizing a success plan for you. Each of our Renegades joins us with special questions, health concerns, previous injuries or limiting beliefs. So our team will work with you to make sure you're on the path to success.
  5. Renegade Grocery Shopping Field Trip ($39 Value)

    • You'll visit the grocery store with our Renegade Nutrition director to help you find what is actually good to eat and what is not. You'll learn what to look for on labels...but much of what you'll be buying will not have a label.
  6. Monthly Themed Cooking Classes ($78 Value)

    • Our monthly themed cooking classes where you'll discover even more great recipes and food to fuel your body! Classes included children's menus, holiday party planning ideas, tailgate party ideas and much more. Our goal is to set you up for success during every meal, every day!

Plus You'll Get Over $50 Of Cool Gifts & Tools To Help You Reach Your Goals!

Free Gift #1 – Your Own Fitness Journal

Your very one Fitness Renegades Fitness Journal.

In the journal you can track your journey. Inside you can food journal, keep track of your daily missions, track your weekly measurements and much more. This is a great tool to hold you accountable and also to look back and see your progress.

Free Gift #2 – Renegade Recipes Book

We've created a tasty recipe book to get you started on your journey! It's a simple to use recipe book that includes great breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. You'll also find great snacking ideas and some desserts too!

Free Gift #3 – Renegade Nutrition Cheat Sheet

We want to make it super easy for you to succeed, so we've created our 'Cheat Sheet'. It's kind of like a cliff notes for your diet. You'll be able to quickly identify what to stop eating and what to start eating more of. You can take it home and start making changes to your diet on the first day.

Free Gift #4 – Renegade Grocery Shopping Cards

If you couldn't tell by now we want you to succeed and we want to make it EASY! To make it even easier you'll receive some easy to use grocery shopping checklists that you can carry in a purse or a back pocket for the guys.

The checklist is full of Renegade approved food. You check off your favorite items or items that you need from the store and carry it along with you when you're grocery shopping.

Free Gift #5 – Renegade Protein Shaker

After our Renegade Missions you'll want to replenish your body with some protein so we'll provide you with our Renegade protein shaker.

The shaker also works great to help you get your daily water intake up! We'll discuss this during your Renegade Nutrition 101...but it's important to stay hydrated.

Not to mention the shaker looks pretty darn cool : )

Free Gift #6 – Renegade Tape Measure

Our final gift to you is our Renegade tape measure. We believe that if you eat the Renegade way and you show up for your Renegade Missions that you will get the results you want.

So instead of hopping on the scale, we take your measurements.

If you're looking to lose weight this will all fall in place and your measurements will show you how your body is being transformed and it will not cause you daily angst looking at a scale.

For those looking to build muscle, improve flexibility and become better athletes it's important for you to take measurements as well. You'll find your body changing and without these measurements you will not know where you began.

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